Simon Klein 2000-2015

Zinc, abstract oil painting by Simon Klein Mainly working from objects - painter’s mannequin, Pupo from Sicily, decorative drapes, flowers (usually dead), basketball boots. All in somewhat arbitrary arrangements often accumulated on paint spattered studio floorboards.

Occasional views through window and stuff on tables too. Friends sometimes pose. Obsessed with south facing studio and light.

Working on new album of songs, all recorded in painting studio. For further insights regarding Puppets, see my film Painting Puppet.

Only want to work from direct observation for time being. Smaller brushes. Wanting a hidden narrative/set of relationships within paintings, but not sure to what degree I can construct it. Maybe with figures and Puppet type characters. Whatever or how you paint, paint is with love!

The Student Years
Simon Klein - The Student Years

Self Portrait

Oil painting, Impressionism and the Fauves ... at the Slade working from the life model ... studied Cézanne with Lawrence Gowing .. married Françoise. More...

New Image
Simon Klein New Image detail of Jonah and the Whale

Jonah and the Whale

Influenced by my brother, Paul Pagk and his friends working in Paris ... Biblical narratives sometimes used at a church we attended at the time. More...

Observation / Figuration
Simon Klein, Richmond Park

Richmond Park

Teaching at Kingston College ... 5-ft canvasses strapped to easels and trees ... usually done in one shot ... waxy paint on cotton duck. More...

Simon Klein - The Student Years

Two x Two

Phenomenology, Merleau-Ponty and Bachelard ... “water and dreams” ... abstracted paintings based on watercolours and photos of kids toys ... washing, pouring, painting in Alkyd paint and wax painting sticks ... had a band called Skrawl. More...

Simon Klein Puppet

Standing Male Marionette

Founded the MonkClub ... made a vinyl 10-inch album My World ... marionettes ... mono-printing on Japanese paper ... coming to terms with loss of family in the Holocaust ... a journey back to a renewed Christian faith ... made Puppet album. More...

Simon Klein, Richmond Park

Still Life

Painter’s mannequin, Sicilian Pupo, drapes, flowers (usually dead), basketball boots ... arbitrary arrangements on paint spattered studio floorboards ... on new album of songs ... friends sometimes pose ... smaller brushes ... hidden narratives ... however you paint, paint is with love! More...

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