2000-2016 Objects / Views / Songs

Mainly working from objects - painter’s mannequin, Pupo from Sicily, decorative drapes, flowers (usually dead), basketball boots. All in somewhat arbitrary arrangements often accumulated on paint spattered studio floorboards.

Occasional views through window and stuff on tables too. Friends sometimes pose. Obsessed with south facing studio and light.

Working on new album of songs, all recorded in painting studio.

Working from direct observation. Smaller brushes. Wanting a hidden narrative or set of relationships within paintings, but not sure to what degree I can construct it. Maybe with figures and Puppet type characters. Whatever or how you paint, paint is with love!

Paintings and Drawings

Elderflower and Trees2014, gouache on paper;Gardens2014, gouache on paper.

Neighbours’ Garden2014, oil on board;Gardens with Tree2014, oil on board.

The Road to Damascus, Study2014. Oil on board.

Girl and Flowersdate?, oil on canvas 50 x 60 cms.


Sill Lightmeta


TwilightThis painting is used as the cover of the album "The Far Country" by the band My Good Man William.

Open Windowdate?, oil on canvas 26 x 31 cms.


Still Lifemeta

Self Portraitmeta

Self Portrait with CherubsThis painting is in the Ruth Borchard Collection.

Self Portrait, Night-timemeta

Through the Gardens meta

Across the Gardens meta

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