Simon Klein, Artist

Simon Klein :: Paintings, pastels, watercolours and drawings

Simon Klein is a figurative / imaginative painter living in West London.

He was trained at the Slade by artists such as Euan Uglow, John Hoyland and Jeffrey Camp, and has works in various collections including the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Collection. He recently completed a 1-year Turps correspondence course with Dan Howard-Birt. 

His work often portrays lovers or figures as though they were going someplace or coming from somewhere. They look towards each other or by looking out, invite the viewer to enjoy their embodied dream-like state, as if seeing the world through their gaze.

Portrait of the artist in front of colourful figurative painting

Simon Klein. Photo: Jay Whitcombe


Oils, oil pastels, and charcoal on canvas and panels.


Oil pastels on paper and card.


Watercolour and gouache on paper.


Charcoal and pencil on paper.

The paintings are worked from memory and drawings. Hand, eye and concept, they are arrived at through process. By playing with the sensuality of the human figure in imagined spaces and image, I explore touch and the visible to question my sense of the beautiful.

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Simon Klein’s oil pastel drawing Waterfall was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023 this year. Here Simon is seen at the opening in front of Waterfall, alongside work by Tom Phillips.

Portrait of Simon Klein in front of his picture Waterfall.


Music plays an important role in my life and has featured on my website since The Monk Club. The videos on my music page include new releases with Gare du Nord Records.