Simon Klein, Artist

Music and videos by Simon Klein

Simon Klein’s musical influences include Syd Barrett to Dark Side of the Moon era Pink Floyd, with a clear love for the Beatles, and a touch of Canterbury scene whimsy. His own voice is that of an Englishman with a taste for Gallic pop.

Jazz and 20th century classical records are piled high in his painting studio but he wouldn’t dare claim their influence on his ‘only Rock ‘n’ Roll’.


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Gare du Nord Records

These animated videos by Simon Klein accompany Don’t Leave Me Alone, Get Out of Jail Freeand Cat, three crowd pleasing slices of contemporary pop-tinged memorabilia released through Gare du Nord Records.

Gare du Nord Records was started in 2013 by Papernut Cambridge, Robert Rotifer and Ralegh Long as a vehicle to release their three respective albums that year under the “umbrella” of a label name. Since that time Gare du Nord has grown into a larger collective operation with a range of interconnected artists and friends using the mechanism of the label to release their own music on their own terms.

Don't Leave Me Alone

First up, Don’t Leave Me Alone, recorded and produced by Patrick Wood. Featuring Tim Whitehead on saxophone.

Get Out of Jail Free

Get Out of Jail Free is the second single from Simon’s album Will You Marry Me.


Cat was the first single from Will You Marry Me.

sunny misty puppet train

Sunny Misty Morning

Early mornings broached by love and the dust of rock ‘n roll.

On a sunny misty morning
Songbirds in the trees,
Singing sha la la la la la lee ...

Painting Puppet

Painting Puppet, the title song from Simon’s Monkclub Records album, features Ben Reed, Tom Mapes and Sarah Klein.

The album premiered on 30 March 2011 at the opening of Simon’s exhibition ‘Simon Klein: Music, Film and Art’ at The Penny School Gallery, Kingston College, Kingston upon Thames.The Painting Puppet video took 6 months to complete, editing 5 hrs of footage at 80 times original speed to fit Puppet’s 3 minute 7 second running time.

Puppet produced and performed by Simon Klein, Tom Mapes and Ben Reed
Backing vocals Sarah Klein
Recorded by Tom Mapes at Stone Dog Studios


Film shot in 2010 on a journey to Terezín, the Czech Republic. Train was written by Simon Klein and recorded and produced with Ben Reed and Tom Mapes with Sarah Klein on backing vocals.

The verse to this song was written after translations of my grandmother Augusta's letters to my father, written prior to her internment in Terezin, were made by my late uncle, Hans Klein, who survived Terezin. The chorus "Was she there on the train?"" describes my father's possible thoughts, a refugee in England, as he waited to find that his mother, Augusta, had not survived.