Simon Klein, Artist

Gallery view showing abstract sculpture on plinth in front of colourful painting on brick wall.
Structured Through Movement, exhibition view, One Paved Court, Richmond

Structured Through Movement

Simon & Guillaume Klein

2 – 13 October 2019

Curated by Michelle Klein

A father and a son, a painter and a sculptor, revisited One Paved Court to exhibit their latest works, which embody ideas of movement and structure.

Simon’s figures are never truly static, but are poised in anticipation. The painted marks and gestures are integrated into the pictorial space creating a sense of movement and narrative amongst the figures.

In contrast, Guillaume’s sculptures make connections between the blacksmithing craft and early 20th century industrial architecture. His exploration of process and material combination generate physical abstractions, which define the space within and around the work.

Although the marked difference in outcome, the making of Simon’s and Guillaume’s work is fostered by the movement of their tools and the process of manipulating materials. Whether in the two-dimensional or the three-dimensional, these works invite their viewers to contemplate the relationships between structure and movement, both figurative and abstract.